Wealth before the next step.

Child, money, wealth, wife, wives, luxeries, gold, diamond and likes are something we cherish and always feel like having in our posession. But firstly, what always come around among all is child. Here, child might be dangerous for your lifestyle, and as well as good and beneficial.


Fact behind beard.

Beard. Do you really know how you will look with beard on you? It might look bushy. Trust me, all lies on you. If you take good care of it, you look more gorgeous than before. Apart from that, it gives you a new look. I don't really know how true it is but I've heard it from two different specialist that beard enhances good sight.
USAF rocket

Why your account remain the same.

AdSense, is it different from what you hear about it? It's all about policy. Having an AdSense account doesn't mean you've had all but how to manage the account matters most. Starting a company work for the first days doesn't mean you've arrived, but how you manage the opportunity matters most. Google AdSense is a little bit more strict and secure than other online advertisement network.

AdSense policy/privacy.

Here are things that leads to disqualification of AdSense account. Here are some !!Invalid Traffic You can also make use of google analytics to maintain the kind of device that visit your site. !!Invalid Clicks Try to keep focus on the type of clicks your website receive. Once you've noticed any strange or wrong thing with it, then don't hesitate to disable your ads pending the time your site clicks will be back to normal.

Love and Sex, how does that relate?

It's better you try to understand what love is before rushing into it. Have you once experience what is called true love? Do you have a girlfriend whom you are presently crushing on? How do you feel when your girlfriend abandons you? Let's get started. It's very crucial to understand what love really means. Love is not something you look or touch, you feel it in your heart. That's why if the love in your heart is true one, your heart will always explore smiles on your face and if it's the otherwise, it's always hurt and might even leads to death.

Making real money with AdSense.

It's well known that google AdSense is the highest paying online advertising network. It pays higher that other adverts networks like Infolink, bidvertizer, propeller Ads and likes. But quite much interesting and well presentable to the public it was said that, "I own an AdSense account."